5 Benefits of Taking Public Transportation

Do you find yourself spending all your money on gas and arriving late to class because there is no parking?

Why not reduce your carbon footprint and make the switch to mass transit! Public transportation is FREE to all University at Albany students because it’s part of our tuition costs.

In this post, we want to highlight 5 reasons why you should hop on the public transportation trend.

5 Reasons To Take Public Transportation

1. Limited parking on campus

Every UAlbany student knows the struggle of trying to find parking and driving in circles for long periods of time, hoping you can find someone leaving and take the open spot. This can potentially cause you to be late to class.

When taking the CDTA bus, students will not have to worry about finding parking on campus. Classes are stressful enough. Taking the bus will allow you to eliminate the stress of parking and might even make you get to class early!

Taking the bus will also reduce traffic in the parking lots and on campus.

2. Better for the environment

Being green has never been easier! Vehicles on road cause almost ⅓  of air pollution where they contribute heavily to creating a thicker ozone layer in our atmosphere. Such a simple act as taking the bus to get to class will help prevent an excess creation of carbon monoxide, keeping our Earth greener and cleaner!

3. Save on gas money

No one likes having to fill up their tank. So, skip the pump and take the bus. It feels like all your money is going to gas, yet your car is constantly running on empty. You don’t want to see that gas light turn on, but we all love to save money.

Take the bus to school and watch your bank account grow. You will be amazed by how much you can save! Not only is mass transit FREE but there are buses to and from school constantly running until 2AM!

4. Easy to use app

If you are one of those people who think finding the bus is tricky, have no fear. There’s an app for that!

For all public transportation provided by UAlbany, there are live GPS trackers in each vehicle. The CDTA app is simple to navigate. You can  download it right to your phone to see bus schedules. The app also allows you to view live routes, enabling you to track where your bus is in real time.

You can also find the nearest stop and the easiest way to get to your destination. The mass transit buses do not only go to campus but also downtown and around the Capital area. With this easy-to-use app, taking the bus is a breeze!

While the app is downloading, check out the CDTA website for a quick way to see the bus schedule!

5. Social Connections

You are not alone! When taking the bus, we are surrounded by other UAlbany students going to the same places! This has the potential to allow us to make new friends, and meet people we have never met before.

UAlbany is such a big school. So, it’s hard to know a lot of the people who come here. By taking the bus, you may meet someone who you find out has a lot in common. If you find yourself taking the bus alone, spark up a conversation next time and maybe you’ll find yourself a bus buddy!

Final Thoughts

These are just a few benefits of mass transit. We hope we have eliminated your stress of parking, your fear of reading the bus schedule, and inspired you to do your part in reducing air pollution.

Did we miss any? If you have any more we didn’t mention, feel free to comment them below! We would love to hear from you.

If you want to get more involved with helping out our environment, check out the University’s Office of Sustainability! We look forward to seeing you on the bus! Go Great Danes!


Image courtesy of Adam E Moreira

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