5 Reasons Why Wind Power Is More Sustainable Than Coal and Gas

Wind energy offers many advantages. This may explain why it is the fastest growing energy source in the world.

This may also be why Scottish Power will become the first major British energy company to spawn all its electricity solely from wind power as opposed to its previous usage of coal and gas after selling its remaining gas and hydro stations to Drax.

In this blog post, we wanted to discuss why Americans should follow Britain’s footsteps and make the switch to wind power.

5 Reasons Why Wind Power Is Sustainable

1. Wind does not create pollution

Unlike coal and gas, which are fossil fuels, wind energy does not pollute the air. Wind turbines also don’t emit atmospheric emissions that can cause acid rain and greenhouse gasses.

2. Wind fuel is free and unlimited

Windmills on Seashore Under White Clouds
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Wind is naturally occurring thing that requires no exchange of currency from any distributor, and is obtainable by almost anyone.

3. Wind power is accessible

After performing research and finding areas that have adequate wind, experts may place the turbines in desired areas.

4. Wind creates jobs

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The U.S. wind sector has employed more than 100,000 workers in 2016. Wind turbine technicians are one of the fastest growing positions in America.

5. Wind is renewable and sustainable

dawn, drill, dusk
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As long as wind blows here on earth, the energy produced can be harnessed and maintained and will never run out, unlike coal and gas.

In Sum

As you have seen, wind power is cheaper, less destructive for the environment, and profoundly more accessible than fossil fuels.

It could open up more economic growth in the United States of America. We hope that you will spread this information and continue to urge energy companies to make the switch to wind power exclusively.

Are there any other ways that you think wind power is superior to fossil fuels? Leave a comment with your opinion.


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