6 Filtered, Refillable Water Fountains at UAlbany

Did you know that plastic bottles can release potentially harmful chemicals into your water? Plastic water bottles are bad for the environment and bad for your health!

UAlbany is constantly giving out free water bottles, at campus events, when orgs are tabling, and etc. But what a lot of our student body doesn’t know is that they also provide places to refill these bottles. Filtered water fountains are found all across campus, helping us students promote a sustainable lifestyle.

This also goes hand-in-hand with our RecycleMania theme, Reuse. Here are the top 6 Locations that you can get clean, free, filtered water.

6 Filtered Water Fountains at UAlbany

1. Lecture Center

lc water

Most undergraduate students spend a lot of time in the lecture center. Why walk all the way to the CC to get water, when you can get clean, filtered water right in the LC! Filtered water stations are found at every exit in the LC’s.

2. Campus Center

cc water fountain

With all the food options in the CC, you’re bound to get thirsty. Instead of paying for sugary drinks when purchasing your food or buying them from the vending machines, fill up your water bottle with filtered water.

There are two filtered water stations in the CC: one upstairs in the CC lobby, and the other downstairs in the CC west across from the women’s bathroom. Don’t have a water bottle? No worries, just ask for a water cup when purchasing your food – it’s free!

3. Residential Quads

quad water fountains

If you’re in between shopping days and run out of water in your dorm, that’s okay! There’s a filtered water station on each quad. These water dispensers can be found in the basement of each tower and on the renovated low rises.

4. University Apartments


Whether you live on Empire, Liberty, or Freedom- all community buildings/ areas come well-equipped with these filtered water fountains as well. Refilling your drinks is just steps away from the comfort of your own rooms!

5. SEFCU Arena

sefcu arena

Exhausted from a great work out at UAlbany’s fitness center? Make sure to bring a bottle to refill it at the filtered fountain to stay hydrated instead of spending your discount dollars at the vending machine to buy an energy drink.

6. Main Library

main library

Feeling thirsty in the middle of your study session? The Main Library has water fountains that make refilling your bottle convenient!

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Photos courtesy of UAlbany Photos

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