Memes to Make You Rethink How You Treat the Environment

We get it. The idea of recycling sounds all well and good, but the actual process can often times be a lot. It’s true, recycling and taking care of the environment can be a hassle sometimes, but you only get one planet. We thought we’d take a comic approach to make you realize just how important recycling is, and maybe pull at your heart strings a little bit, too. Take a look at some of these eco-friendly memes we found.

1.) This meme takes a playful approach to helping the environment by using animals and their names to help call on each other to save the environment.

Meme 1 

2.) This image takes a little bit more of a serious note by using an extinct species to ask an important question. This meme may have people be questioning the environment so much, that they may start recycling themselves!

Meme 2

3.) Now…Ryan Gosling is a way to anyones heart! This meme reaches out to the female audience by showing that recycling is good for the environment and that you can look good doing it, too.

Meme 3

4.) This meme takes a comical approach to show that most people (even things that create renewable energy themselves) are fans of helping the environment.

Meme 4

5.) This image takes yet another comical approach to show a much deeper issue. We are sometimes naïve to just how serious climate change really is because we are so wrapped up in our own worlds.

Meme 5

6.) This one takes a play on a classic movie to prove that not recycling is not cool. (and who doesn’t want to be cool!)

Meme 6

Therefore, by using comedy, people may realize how naive they are sometimes to recycling and saving their own environment. These memes will have people questioning themselves, while laughing along to them. If people can relate to these memes, they may feel more of an attachment to the environment. With being more attached to the environment, they may want to recycle and save the planet themselves! You know what they say… once you go green, you can never be mean (to the environment!).

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