Thanks for visiting Great Danes Go Green! We are the official blog of the Office of Sustainability at the University at Albany, State University of New York.

The Office of Sutainability, also known as “UAlbany Green Scene”, is the hub for sustainability at the University of Albany.

As a public higher education institution, the University at Albany has both an obligation and an opportunity to be a leader in sustainability. Our institution can and should serve as a model for other colleges and universities as well as for our own students and the community around us.

Members of the Office of Sustainability contribute content to this blog. You can also find posts written by UAlbany students who enroll in ACOM 378: Digital and Social Media in Strategic Communication. They will contribute their unique thoughts, tips, and experiences from a student’s perspective.

Check out our blog to learn about sustainability initiatives on UAlbany campus as well as healthy, eco-friendly habits that students and members of the public can learn to individually and collectively participate in the green movement.

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