April Was Showered With Events

A lot of people like to think that global warming isn’t a serious issue. Maybe they do not want to put the effort into helping, or maybe they are going along with the whole “ignorance is bliss” thing. Either way, people need to wake up and realize that this is a serious issue that is not only affecting them, but also the generations to come if something is not done.

With spring in full effect, there have been many events going on at UAlbany to make you, as a student, more involved in the campus, as well as making the earth a greener place.

April Showers Brings May Flowers!


1. Trashion Fashion: This years Trashion Fashion show displayed 15 outfits made completely out of trash or recycled materials. Students from all living areas, greek life, sports teams and student organizations volunteered their efforts to creative sustainable designs. This is a great and creative way to get involved on campus. The Trashion Fashion show is a family friendly event where people can come watch their friends walk the runway in an earth friendly fashion. This event took place on April 10th, from 8-10 pm. Content from this event available on facebook.

2. Home Lacrosse Recycling: The Spring stomp game against Binghamton, took place on April 20, from 5-10 pm. Here students came together to make sure no trash was left behind at Casey Stadium and even at Dutch Parking lot during the tailgate. Student volunteers came together to make sure everything was in the right place. No recyclables left behind!

3. Earth Day: People celebrate Earth Day all around the globe. One way students were involved at UAlbany, was by visiting the campus center on April 22, 11am-4pm. During their visit, they learned how to create a better community by preserving the environment.

Events happen all year round. Get involved, and go green. By going to many of these events you can meet many new and fun people, while making a difference to this environment. This is a great chance to network with some eco-friendly people and help make a difference in your community.

Visit the UAlbany Green Scene’s website and social media accounts to get involved with upcoming sustainability events on campus!


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