Be a Boss: Celebrating Boss’ Day By Going Green

Happy National Boss Day! Since this day has come around and we are all thankful for our bosses, we have come up with a way for us all to improve our work environment by becoming sustainable and eco-friendly in the office.

Today is the day for your office to go green! We have listed some little things you can do in the workplace to benefit your sustainable lifestyle and the people around you.

1. Digitize Your Company (minimizing paper usage)

Make the big change! Paperless is here and ready for all your office needs. By going digital, your company will have a better online presence and be closer to making your company green. Here are a few ways to make this possible:

  • Use social media platforms to get out information instead of sending out mail. This also can be a better way to get your company noticed online.
  • If necessary to print, make sure to print on both sides of a piece of paper.
  • Sign up for paperless bills and bank statements.
  • Use 100% recycled content paper products.
  • Ask for FSC certified when getting professional/promotional material printed.
  • Digitize your documents. This actually makes it easier for everyone to receive and retrieve information in the office and is a lot more affordable as well. Another benefit is that it also reduces clutter in the office for a more efficient workspace.

2.  Conserving Office Energy

Conserving energy in your office can be easier than you think. When leaving, make sure to power down all of your electronics and turn off your lights.

Anything that is using power that doesn’t need to be used when you are not there can be turned off. You can also use eco-friendly lights.

3.  Make Packaging Sustainable

Many offices mail things out almost on an everyday basis. There is always an easier and eco-friendlier way to do this.

Instead of using the postal system and sending physical mail, send an email. That way no paper is being used in the process and its easier, quicker, and cheaper!

If you must send something postal, try not to send it with those styrofoam peanuts. They can’t be recycled and are just a hassle in general.

4. Incorporate Recycling

There are many ways to incorporate recycling into your office and business. Recycling is something you can start small or incorporate into your whole business.

On a small scale, you can build recycling into your business by simply installing recycling bins throughout your office space. The Paperless Project claims that offices use an average of 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year.

Something you can do as a leader in your company to cut down on waste is to enforce reusing one-sided paper as opposed to throwing it out. If the paper is unusable, make sure to establish a recycling policy. Small desk-sized recycling bins can also be provided at each employee desk so that it is easy to recycle paper, cans, plastics, and cardboard products used by employees.

On a larger scale, your company can set up company trash pick ups at local gardens, parks, and beaches. This not only benefits the environment, but incorporates team-building, promotes company bonding, and is great PR!  

5. Involve Employees

National Boss Day isn’t just about the boss! It’s important to involve employees in the process of going green in order to create an eco-friendly work environment. Encourage your employees and coworkers to engage in sustainable practice. How do you do it?

  • Set an example! If you encourage and show your employees that being resourceful and following the steps described above is easy, effective, and beneficial, it can help others become involved.
  • Send out office sustainability tips via email to remind your employees of the importance of their efforts. Through these newsletters, explain easy ways that your company can be more efficient so that employees are educated on the resources available to them.
  • Provide incentives! By rewarding your employees for furthering their efforts to create a sustainable office, you make the process a fun challenge for employees. You can reward them by keeping a point system. For example, if two employees carpool to work, give them a point. If an employee reuses paper supplies or chooses to recycle, give him/her/them another point. If employees accumulate certain points, offer them a small gift or privilege.   

Final Thoughts!

Be a boss at your workplace by making a few changes to better the environment.

By following these simple guidelines, you are well on your way to becoming a BOSS. Not only are you helping your community with being green but you are also making your company more appealing in the public relations aspect.

Comment below or share your photos on Instagram of how you celebrate Boss’ Day at your company by going green using the hashtag, #SustainableBossDay! 


Top image courtesy of Blue Diamond Gallery


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