Freshman Guidelines To Be Sustainable Students at UAlbany

Do you care about your future because sustainability preserves your future?

The importance of saving our planet is worldwide and the effort of one person can enforce effort by others. We here at UAlbany are all about being sustainable and we need you class of 2022 to help us in the effort to save this school by taking small steps to be sustainable.

In this blog, you will be seeing ways in which you can take steps to be sustainable – starting off at UAlbany and spreading sustainability across many communities.

7 Steps Freshman Students Can Take to Be Sustainable

1. Recycle

Using less plastic bottles and replacing them with reusable bottles can help our efforts to be sustainable.

Water bottles have been a great commodity. They are compact and easy to carry on the go. The downside to water bottles is that once they are used, they become a potential hazard for the environment. Water bottles are often littered throughout communities because of poor recycling practices.

By using a reusable bottle, we can potentially reduce the amount of plastic that is littered in sewers and oceans. There are many water fountains on campus if you need to quench your thirst. So, get a reusable bottle today and fill’er up!

2. Trade bus bells for bike bells

Instead of taking the bus or driving around campus, there are other methods that you can use. These forms of transportation usually pollute the air. So, you should consider riding a bike ,walking, or using a scooter to get to classes.

It is also a great way to save the environment from pollution and a great way to keep in shape!

3. Volunteer for sustainability events

There are many different events that  you can participate in on campus with the Office of Sustainability.

You can sign up to recycle at games and get a free t-shirt. You can also play with puppies instead of playing on your games.

Volunteer with the campus clean up day and meet tons of new people and receive free UAlbany gear!

4. Take the stairs if you care

There are many ways that we can conserve the energy being wasted on this planet. One way would be utilizing stairs instead of using elevators.

The great thing about our campus? Not many elevators exist! This is a great structural condition to conserve energy. Using stairs can also help keep you in shape (again!) in between gym visits.

When you have the options of stairs or elevators, pick stairs every time!

5. One person’s trash another person’s treasure

Participate in the Trashion Fashion show to see how you can turn your trash into valuable items.  You can showcase your creativity by creating fashionable items out of recycled materials.

6. Turn it off!

We understand that you aren’t paying university’s utilities bills. However, you want to turn off your lights when you aren’t using them. It wastes electricity. Do not have your thermostat too high or too low. Do not let the water run. Letting the water run can cause a flood to happen. We want to conserve water so that we have enough in the future.

7. Surging the World

In order to prevent power outages, use Surge protectors instead of extension cords. To save energy, you should practice unplugging whatever you aren’t using when in your room or suite.

Wrapping it up

As you seen there are several ways in which you can be sustainable at the University at Albany. We encourage you to choose one of the above sustainable actions so you can contribute to our community as responsible students. You can apply this to other communities and share these ideas with friends and family!


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