How To Start Your Own Compost

Do you need a way to reduce waste at home? Have you ever thought about composting?

Composting is a quick and easy way to reduce waste at home while also helping the environment! It involves recycling organic materials from the earth, like fruit or vegetables, into nutrient rich soil.

By starting your own compost at home you will start to see the benefits of living a more sustainable life! For more facts about why you should start composting click here

Here is how to create your own compost!

Step 1: Find a home for your compost

Find a bucket of your choosing, and put it in a location of your choice to start your compost outside.

Step 2:  Start by collecting organic decomposable items from your house

Such as: Fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, sawdust, and shredded newspaper.

Some things to avoid when composting are anything with oil, fat, or grease, diseased plants, pet feces, and dairy products.

Step 3: Collect sources from your environment for your compost

Such as: grass and plant clippings, dry leaves, chopped wood, and bark chips.

Step 4: Create your Compost!

Once you have collected enough materials to make your compost at least 3 feet deep, go ahead and add it to your compost location.

Step 5: Balance the compost

Make sure to wait until you have at least 3 feet worth of materials for your pile in a bin. You want to combine wet green items with the brown dry materials. Add layers alternating the green and brown materials to balance out the humidity of your compost.

Step 6: Water your pile

Water your pile often so your pile has the same feeling and look as a damp sponge. Be careful to not over water your pile, because then the pile will become water lodged. If your pile becomes water lodged it will not be able to break down.

Step 7: Mix it up!

Make sure to turn your pile over at least once a week to give it the right amount of oxygen that it needs. Mixing the pile up also stops it from developing an odor.

Step 8: Use your compost as food for your garden

Your compost is ready when it has become dry and crumbly. Use about 4-6 inches to your garden or flower pots and watch it flourish!

Composting is a great way to save money, resources, and reduce the amount of trash you create! By composting, you will have organic and nutrient rich soil for your garden without any chemicals and greatly decrease greenhouse emissions. This recycling method will contribute to the reduction of trash in landfills and you will have a beautiful garden full of fresh vegetation.

Leave us a comment below if you started your own compost at home!


Image courtesy of SuSanA Secretariat

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