Meet the Team – Sustainability Albany

Meet the Team

Meet Sydney


Sydney is a Syracuse, NY native studying Communications and Film Studies at the University of Albany. She is currently interning at a digital marketing firm, and hopes to use her marketing skills to increase awareness about environmental sustainability.  

Meet Karina


Karina has lived in Long Island most of her life. She is a Communication major with a Theatre minor at the University at Albany. She has gained experience in Marketing, Advertising and Social media and hopes to use it in her future career with a large company when she graduates May of 2019.  

Meet Jennie


Jennie is from Troy, New York and goes to the University at Albany. She is a journalism major and a communications minor. She hopes to work in Digital and Social Media relations when she graduates college in May of 2019.

Our Team Purpose

After living on and off campus at the University at Albany, we have discovered that the people in our community lack an understanding about the impact their actions have on the environment. Our goal is to bring awareness to climate change and environmental sustainability in our area and around the globe.

We hope to educate students and citizens of the Albany area on how to “go green” by  encouraging the importance of reducing water usage, promoting reusable products, and recycling.

We hope that our efforts will make Albany a more attractive place for future and current residence and help other communities join the sustainability effort.

What is this blog about?

Our plan is to focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling. Some specific topics include…

Reducing Waste: It’s easier than you think! We plan on sharing tips on carpooling for students. We will write a post about students both carpooling, using uber pools, or taking the bus to campus opposed to using their separate cars.  

Reuse: As our campus is the home of two Starbucks locations and multiple surrounding locations, we plan to dive into the “straw issue” that has come up in the media. We encourage the start of paper straws and innovative lids that they are now campaigning.   

Recycling: We plan to write a blog post on the “Top 10 Tips on How to Recycle on Campus.” that gives tips to students how easy ways to recycle from their off campus houses, dorms, and on campus.

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