Spring Has Sprung!.. Almost

Take advantage of the warm weather!

It is officially here! The day everyone thought would never come: the first day of spring! March 20th, 2018 is the vernal equinox, and with that comes a bunch of new opportunities to take advantage of the incoming warm weather.

As a college student, spring always brings out the best attitudes on campus. It is as if the student population has just come out of hibernation; the entire campus seems to come back to life. Relaxing outside, or podiating as the UAlbany students call it, there is so much more to in warm weather to benefit our environment.

Below are some ideas on how to benefit the environment as well as benefiting yourself and your social life!


Image via: UAlbanyPhotos

Composting is defined as making vegetable matter or manure into compost, or fertile. While this may seem like a daunting and difficult task, it really is so easy!
So let’s say you made some lemon or orange juice to quench your thirst in the hot weather; instead of throwing the lemon and orange peels in the trash, put them in your compost bin so that they decompose properly.
It takes two seconds, and the results are completely worth it! Fruit peels are not the only items you can make use of. You can compost vegetable stems, egg shells, spoiled non-dairy milk, stale chips and so much more! As a college student, I know I have tons of this material laying around, so why not lessen your amount of garbage and benefit the planet?


Some office members working with the Heritage Garden, located outside of Indian Quad.

Waking up to a cup of coffee is a necessity to many UAlbany students, but do you dispose of your coffee the right way? The leftover coffee grinds don’t deserve to be thrown away, as you can use them to plant and grow new coffee beans!
A ton of UAlbany students live off campus, therefore providing them with a backyard containing so many opportunities to garden. Why leave your backyard plain and bare when you can take on a new hobby and grow a beautiful garden!
For students that are on campus, all of the dorms and apartments come with giant windows. Not only can you decorate them with blinds or lights, some plants really spruce up the environment! Sunlight streams in all day and can be super effective for a cute indoor garden.

Walk, Don’t Drive

Image via: UAlbanyPhotos

The Albany community is a congested area. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but a lot of pollution can result from all the transportation vehicles in the area.
When the warm weather arrives, walking can be the best method of getting from one place to another. A ton of stores and restaurants are probably in walking distance from your home; why not take advantage of it?
A lot of students don’t have cars, so walking may be their only option, but don’t dread it! And for those students that do drive, instead of driving down the road to Dunkin Donuts, take a walk. Enjoy the weather!

So UAlbany students, we hope you get our message and take advantage of the warm weather! Not only will it make your life better, it will make our planet better.

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