Sustainable Clothing Brands You Probably Knew Nothing About

Bet you guys didn’t know that your clothes can be sustainable too. Lots of clothing brands are all for the environment and we want to make that known to you. Often times, brands use materials that are donated, recycled, or completely natural and turn them into wonderful stylish garments that we all wear. Here some some featured clothing brands that keep sustainability as their main focus:

1. AEON Row

Deriving all of their materials from revived fabric, which require no land, water, chemicals, or dyes to be produced, aeonrow is offering a stylish and sustainable alternative for basic clothing items, as well as few statement pieces. All of their fabrics have a natural stretch with a recycled cotton base for comfort.

2. Stormie Dreams

Stormie Dreams is in the business of sustainability. They “rescue” unwanted fabrics locally, in Los Angeles, to give them a whole new meaning. And even the left over fabrics from the rescued fabric, they use to produce their kids clothing line. That’s not all, their “kids” clothing line isn’t sold. Not even on their website, they donate these sustainable clothing items to kids in need all over the world.

3. G-Star Raw


After recently signing Pharrell Williams onto team G Star, he unveiled its Ocean-Plastic clothing Collection. All of its denim garments were created using recycled plastic that its found in our planet’s oceans. Ocean plastic pollution has been an ongoing problem for years and it has terrible effects to ocean life. With the help of textile company Bionic Yarn and environmental group Parley for the Oceans, plastic from the ocean was able to be broken down and woven into materials for the clothing.

4. Study NY


The first line seen on this brand’s “About” page is the quote “Making Fashion without Making Waste”. This brand has an overall goal of ensuring that every step taking to produce each article is as sustainable as possible. They have a few policies that further influence the brand’s sustainability such as staying zero-waste, using the slow fashion technique of production, and using recycled fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton to create their unique pieces.

5. H&M Conscious


Although H&M is a huge company, they make it their mission to provide consumers with fashionable, sustainable clothing through their Conscious line. With the mission “to lead the change towards a  ore sustainable fashion and design industry,” H&M has reduced their emissions by 21% and by 2030 they believe they will only use 100% recycled are other sustainably sourced materials.Outside of just allowing customers to purchase sustainable clothing, H&M encourages their consumers to be sustainable themselves by offering 15% every time a customer brings in clothing to be recycled.  


All of the brands listed try their hardest to make sustainability “fashionable”. Some of these brands look familiar too, don’t they? Next time you’re interested in filling up your closet, check out these brands and even your clothes will be “going green”!

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