Sustainable Seniors: Shalayna Burns & Triyanna Davoren

Sustainable Seniors: An Interview with Class of 2018’s Shalayna Burns & Triyanna Davoren

Triyanna Davoren, ’18
Shalayna Burns, ’18

Being sustainable is not just something you do, it’s a lifestyle. Kendall St. Louis, and Amarie Brothers sat down with our very own Shalayna Burns and Triyanna Davoren, who both happen to be graduating Seniors. They got the insider on what it means to be sustainable as a senior, and a few other tips and tricks our soon to be alumna of UAlbany has for us on their way out, here’s the scoop:

Interviewers: Amarie Brothers & Kendall St. Louis

Interviewees: Shalayna Burns & Triyanna Davoren

Kendall: Hi How are you guys, how about we start with your names what you do on campus and how you feel about graduating in may?

  • Triyanna: My name is Triyanna Davoren. I am a senior majoring in Communications with minors in Business Administration and Theater. On campus I work for the Center for Leadership and Service as the Media/Marketing Leadership Coordinator, PR Chair for NAACP, and I also have an on-campus internship with the Office for Career and Professional Development. I’m ready to graduate! Tired of school, haha.


  • Shalayna: My name is Shalayna Burns, I major in Communications with a minor in French. I am very excited about graduating in May, but also a bit nervous.

Amarie: Ok, let’s jump into it-how do you define sustainability?

  • Triyanna: Sustainability is the ability to maintain the earth to keep it healthy.
  • Shalayna: Sustainability is every step you take to decrease your carbon footprint, and make our planet a better place.


Kendall: How sustainable are you?

  • Triyanna: I like to think I’m pretty sustainable. I do my best to help the earth. I know I probably don’t do enough but I do what I can.
  • Shalayna: I personally feel like I am a little bit sustainable. I do small actions each day that I feel like can help me towards a larger goal of sustainability.


Amarie: What have you done in the past month that shows how sustainable you are?

  • Triyanna: I’ve been recycling and composting. I’ve also been using the “sleep” mode on my tv so I’m not leaving it on all night, wasting energy.
  • Shalayna: As previously stated, I take small steps. For example, I started taking shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing my teeth, putting sleep timers on my TV so that it doesn’t stay on all night, as well as saving plastic containers and using them as tupperwear. I also have a purple refillable water bottle that I carry with me everywhere, instead of buying plastic bottles everyday like I used to.


Kendall: What inspired you to become sustainable?

  • Triyanna: Taking this class! It actually taught me a lot about sustainability. Working for the Center for Leadership and Service also inspired me. We have a compost in the office so I try to put my leftover food or old banana peels and apples in there.
  • Shalayna: Taking this class also inspired me to become more sustainable. The blog posts we have made gave me insight on the current state of our environment, ways to save our environment, as well as some of the main reasons why sustainability is needed in times like this. We even discovered clothing brands that are sustainable as well!


Amarie: How would you further practice sustainability, post-graduation?

  • Triyanna: I want to start my own compost, if possible. I also want to recycle more and turn off the lights more often as well, and not sleep with my tv on.
  • Shalayna: I want to continue my behaviors that I currently practice on a larger scale, as well as be more strict with my recycling. In addition, I want to practice composting, as well as attempt living a zero-waste lifestyle, or as close to it as possible.


Kendall: Any advice to undergraduates on being sustainable on campus?

  • Triyanna: Take advantage of the sustainable resources on campus! Recycle your bottles/paper, compost, and just help the earth.
  • Shalayna: Even though we don’t pay for electricity out of our pockets, still try to conserve energy. Recycle, and try to compost- the university will help you do it!


Amarie: Your top 3 keys to sustainability?

  • Triyanna: 1. Be consistent 2. Be resourceful 3. Have fun!
  • Shalayna: 1. Do your research 2. Stay positive 3. Spread the word to your friends and family!


You see these two brilliant seniors were able to manage all of their school work, social life and still make it out to graduation with honors, all while still being sustainable and help better the environment around them. Be sure to click here for easy ways you can be sustainable too!

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