A Sustainable Stay for Spring Break

Follow the examples of these popular Spring Break destinations and Be Seen Being Green while on vacation!

Spring break is plaguing the United States, and everyone is dreaming of warm weather. But “Spring Breaking it” isn’t an excuse for not being eco-friendly. There are a few ways to remain sustainable while spring breaking it, like choosing an eco-friendly hotel, and reducing littering on the beaches of those spring break destinations.

Littering on the beaches during spring break has been a common problem, and it needs to stop. Many forget that the trash that is in the sand, will flow out to sea and continue to pollute our oceans and harm wild-life. Take the extra steps to throw your trash away, or look for the nearest recycling bin. Along with this, many hotels have begun to take steps towards going green, so below we have listed some warm-weather examples. Check it out!

1. H2Hotel Healdsburg, California


H2hotel was created from scratch beginning with the removal of contaminated soil to restore the creek bed at the location. The hotel has 36 rooms built with eco-friendly features, including bamboo floors, solar panels as heaters, and lights and air systems that include sensors. The roof of the hotel also filters rainwater to create a natural cooling system. In addition, there are on-site vendors selling sustainable wine and products!

2. The Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Palazzo Casino

The Palazzo Hotel is the second tallest building in Nevada. At 50 stories tall, it has a large rooftop solar thermal systems and a conservation system to maintain enough water for all of its guests, including hot water for their swimming pools and spas. Electricity is generated using a solar photovoltaic system. This allows for enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for 12,100 years!

3. Proximity Hotel Greensboro, NC

Proximity Hotel

Proximity Hotel is one of the only LEED Platinum Certified hotels in the nation, being the first in the country to receive this status. This is the best ranking and is determined through sustainable practices in the hotel over time. Your stay includes a complimentary bike service to explore over 90 miles of trails and parks. The hotel also includes solar panels, energy-efficient elevator, natural lighting, and decor made of salvaged materials and recycled content.

4. The Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles

lobby bar
Westin Bonaventure

Being Los Angeles’ first hotel to reach Green Seal Standards, it became the “ultimate urban oasis”. The Westin Bonaventure utilizes biodegradable laundry detergent and participates in composting. In addition, there are local sustainable vendors for guests to enjoy during their stay!

5. The Gardens Hotel Key West, Florida

Gardens Hotel

The Gardens Hotel uses solar panels to maintain their hot water supply. Rain water is collected in the gutters to water plants and their tropical gardens, while encouraging recycling and composting. Also, the hotel uses LED Lights and a Certified Energy Star Air Conditioning systems

6. L’Auberge Del Mar, California

L’Auberge Del Mar

Through its “Destination Earth” initiatives, the L’Auberge Del Mar’s goals are to decrease water and energy usage, reduce waste, and increase recycling and composting. They do this by using free range meats and organic produce within their food and beverage department for guests to enjoy.

It is proven to be possible to still have a great time on Spring Break while still being green. Many forget how such a small act like tossing a plastic bottle on the beach could generate such a large problem for our environment. Keep these locations in mind when deciding where you will be staying this break. Try to be seen being green during your Spring Break and help keep our earth clean!

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