Who are the GreenThree?

The GreenThree is a collective of  enviromentalists that attend the University at Albany, who are passionate and committed to enviromental sustainability. Our posts will inspire, motivate and direct students and staff at UAlbany to take better steps in order to perserve this beautiful planet.

Meet the team

Othmane: Senior at Ualbany with a focus in enviromental sustainability. Hobbies include; sports, hiking and music production.

Chen: A Chinese girl who just transfered to UAlbany. I am a junior student in COM major. I really glad to use this blog to learn and share something with you guys. This semester we will post many interesting and useful information on this blog. Please pay attention to us and leave your comments.

Nick: Nick is currently a senior at UAlbany. I am a communications major and a political science minor. I believe sustainability is important in protecting the environment. As a UAlbany student I would like to help make the campus more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our team plans to write about different ways that students and faculty can use to help make UAlbany a more sustainable and green school. We will provide tips and ideas to show how everyone can be sustainable. We want to show that it can be easy to be green and it does not take much to be more sustainable.

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